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The Adriatic Sea, declared to be one of the cleanest European seas (European Environment Agency, 2011), is known for its curative effects on respiratory conditions. The centuries-old traditions of climatotherapy and thalassotherapy use the natural physical and chemical benefits of the sea and the seacoast, primarily the sea air and climate and seawater.

Climatotherapy - The curative properties of a maritime climate, found in the exceptionally favorable Crikvenica Riviera geographic area. There are favorable accommodations in Crikvenica thanks to the temperate, relaxing climate. Visitors to Crikvenica can receive the benefits of climatotherapy and other natural healing factors freely, on their own, or by following therapeutic procedures under the guidance of a medical professional. Self-guided climatotherapy typically consists of a stay at the selected destination, where visitors will take walks and engage in other forms of outdoor physical activity by the sea. Professionally guided treatments include breathing exercises and other physical procedures and exercises, completed outside near the sea under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Thalassotherapy - Thalassotherapy is a form of treatment in which seawater is used for its curative properties. At Thalassotherapy Crikvenica, treatment includes various forms of seawater inhalation and physical therapy and rehabilitation carried out in seawater. People have always been magically attracted to the seas and oceans. Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Romans considered healing baths to be important medical procedures. Thalassotherapy encompasses the complete treatment of the body and mind, rooted in the age-old belief in the natural physical and chemical curative properties of seawater. The term "thalassotherapy" comes from the Greek words "thalassos", meaning "sea", and "therapeia", meaning "treatment". Today, the term "sea treatment" covers natural and alternative treatments of various illnesses, which complement conventional treatments; rehabilitation of various illnesses or conditions; anti-ageing procedures; and techniques for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.